Terms & Conditions

Payment in case of buying from our stock in:


We only accept full payment by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) in advance. Once we have recieved your payment in full, we will proceed with shipping arrangement.


However, in certain models of the vehicle, payment terms are negotiable. We may arrange shipment before the payment under certain terms. In certain cases, our partner located in Canada will receive and import the vehicle for you. Then, we will have the vehicle ready for you. For more information about this option, please send us an E-mail.

Our Bank information:

Bank : Yamanashi Chuou Bank (code:0142)
Swift Code: YCHBJPJT
Branch: Kokubo Shiten (code:260)
Account #: Original , 401454
Account Name: Kotaro Tachikawa

Shipping of the vehicle

  1. We will arrange the shipment as soon as we receive your payment in full. The shipment will be arranged for the very first vessel available.
  2. We will frequently inform you the detail progress and the information of the shipment(the location of the vehicle, date of shipment, shipping process and etc).
  3. Right after the shipment, we will send you all the original documents required.

Vehicle Condition

By the import regulation law in Canada, the vehicle that enters Canada must be 15 years old or older. Although, the most vehicles in Japan are in good shape and well taken care of, please do not expect the vehicle condition as a new. However, we will inspect and clean all the vehicles as much as we can before the shipment.

We are commited to serve you everytime with our courteous and professional experience.

If you have more question about our terms, Please do not hesitate to Contact us.